Lison Classico DOCG
14,0 % Vol.

The grapes are produced in the Boa area, in the heart of the territory of the Lison Classico from the Sauvignonasse vine. Once this ancient vineyard was called "wild" because little worked and used to a limited production and quality. The harvest is late and manual to achieve an important body and a rich aromatic complexity. During the wine-making process, a 48-hour preventive maceration at a temperature of 18 ° is performed. The mixture is divided into stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels of mixed wood (Aliet, Tronchet, Lemousine) for about 6 months.

IGT Veneto Orientale frizzante “Sur Lie”
12,0 % Vol.

The "Tai da Mar" is the revival of the wine of the past, when the peasants were bottling the wine, absolutely untreated, during the Holy Week, anxiously waiting for it to naturally refer to the crescent moon. The refermentation made it pleasantly sparkling and the slight deposit, made up of yeasts, gave the wine fragrant aromas and longevity.
We call it "Tai da Mar" because this type of wine was never lacking in the galley of Caorle fishing boats.

Rosso IGT Veneto Non Filtrato

13,5 % Vol.

Wine made from grapes selected mainly Merlot, cultivated with natural methods.
The manual harvest involves a maniacal control and selection of the raw material.
The maturation takes place in large and small barrels for about 18/20 months.
The wine is bottled without being stabilized and micro fi ltered to preserve all the value and intensity o ff ected by nature.
From this derives the name Hombra Sporca.