"There is a driving force stronger than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will."

Cit. Albert Einstein

The vineyards of Podere Roverat are located in the heart of Lison di Pramaggiore in the province of Venice, land, the Lison, which has always been dedicated to the cultivation of grapes.
To this ancient tradition we wanted to combine the resources that progress offers.
Our cellar is newly renovated, it has strong walls and a roof with wooden beams and valuable insulators that guarantee our wines a safe refinement.
The same can be said for the delicate phase of storage that finds a constant and fresh climate even in the most humid summers.
The machinery and equipment of new generation allow us to combine tradition with quality and, consequently, this also helps us to save energy and to respect the environment and nature that surrounds this territory and that we strongly support.

The particular geophysical features of the land combined with the wise
cultivation of the vine allow to obtain fruity aromas, mineral and persistent flavors.
We cultivate the project to create a product of ever-increasing thickness analyzing every single gesture and in every single thought, supporting us the knowledge of professionals who, with foresight, guide us towards the perfection of our wines.

The Podere Roverat winery is born from a great passion for the territory and
for quality wine. Paolo Camolei together with his partner Michele Lunardelli decide to buy the winery in via Lison 64, Pramaggiore and to pursue this dream together with Virginia, Rossella and Marco.
One of our goals is to be as "GREEN" as possible.