The territory of Lison is only 70km from VENICE.
In the North it is protected by the Dolomites while in the South it flows into the Adriatic Sea.
This position guarantees the influence of the two climates: the sea breeze with its scents and the fresh and healthy air of the Alps.
The soil is characterized by an alluvial soil with a superficial clay layer rich in mineral elements and organic substances and by the presence of a thin layer of "caranto" (calcium carbonate). They also stand out for the high content of mineral elements
especially potassium, calcium and magnesium and a balanced endowment of organic substance.

The temperate climate with strong daily temperature ranges creates an ideal condition for a perfect aromatic ripening of the grapes.
Already the ancient Romans had understood the potential of this area, & nbsp; which, closed between two rivers, the Livenza and the Tagliamento, is guaranteed by a good water supply. This territory has also benefited and inherited the meticulous and careful work of the Benedictine Monks which gave a further impulse to the cultivation of the vine and the refinement of the oenological techniques.
Subsequently this territory is known as the "Vigna del Doge", for the Serenissima Republic of Venice, in fact, this hinterland was the ideal source to draw from for the supplies of wine necessary for their businesses in the world.